Day 13 Reminisce

I am so grateful I joined Effy on her Blog Along. The entire process has been so good for my soul.

TODAY’S NUDGE: Reminisce.

I love how the timing of these prompts has been so full of synchronicity. It has been almost exactly 3 months since two of my furbabies died. The loss has been so great that I actually stopped writing this post and had to sit with the feelings for a day before coming back.

I was very blessed to have Junior and Princess in my life for 15 years. They died within 12 hours of each other and I found solace in the belief that they must've been pooch soulmates.....

I have so many awesome memories of my sweet babies. I used to call Junior my little gent because he would always follow me from room to room. He would often run ahead, then look back, waiting for me to catch up, and then he'd continue. He had the most adorable ears. His right ear was always cocked to the side. He was definitely a Mama's boy. 

Princess on the other hand, was a Papa's girl through and through. She would give tons of kisses and loved to "give belly", rolling over for belly rubs, and doing the infamous chihuahua dance with paws in the air.

I know I will see them both again one day but oh how I miss them. Furbabies are such awesome reminders to live from the heart, give love freely, and take each moment as it comes.