Day 17 Show Off

I have to give it to Effy, she sure knows how to nudge.

Today’s Nudge: Show off without apologizing.

Yikes! My first instinct was to skip this one. I paused and realized that's exactly why I need to dig in and write this one. Like many women I know, the notion of "tooting our own horn" seems so self-centered and obnoxious. Where the hell did that message come from? Why should we keep ourselves "small"?

I don't think words can convey how uncomfortable I feel sitting here writing this. I'm realizing how many messages I have received in my lifetime about not being "sin verguenza" as my Mom likes to say. For those who don't have an outspoken Mom from Spain, the direct translation means, "without shame". Too big for your britches. Who the hell do you think you are to (insert whatever here). 

I'd like to show off that I regularly use my skills and gifts acquired through being a Reiki practitioner and certified crystal healer to help those around me. I often send Reiki(with permission) to my friends, family, coworkers, their furbabies, and to Mother Nature. I create grids and help others set intentions to get clear on what they truly want to create and bring in. I gift sessions and crystals to those in need. I believe I make a difference in other people's lives and for that I am grateful.

Crystal Grid for Communication

Crystal Grid for Communication