Day 19 Crystals and Tarot

One of the many reasons I love Effy, today's nudge demonstrates the belief that we all benefit when we lift each other up.


Today’s Nudge: Feature  one or two people who do what you do but in a different way in your blog today.

There are several people who I admire in the world of crystals, tarot, and oracle guidance that I admire. I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to these types of practices. There are a few non-negotiable points however. Integrity is key in any line of work but I believe it is especially important in the world of crystals, oracle guidance/tarot, and energy work. The mantra, "do no harm" applies in this realm as well.

The first person I'd like to feature is Ashley Leavey. She offers extensive teachings around crystals, crystal healing, and energetic practices. She is a knowledgeable, authentic practitioner and author. I especially appreciate her videos from the Tucson Gem Show. 


The second person I'd like to mention is Angie Yingst. She is also incredibly knowledgeable and authentic. She has been developing and sharing tarot spreads which I have found incredibly helpful in developing my practice. I admire how she has developed an online presence while having an extensive impact in her local community.  If you ever find yourself in Harrisburg, PA, be sure to stop in and meet her.


I would love to hear who you follow and admire in the world of crystals, tarot, and energy work. Drop a comment so we can all learn more from these growing fields.

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