Day 10 Autobiography

Effy addressed this to our blogging group and I want to start off with, I am continuing to live my day to day, but please know I am holding space for Gaia and all those who are experiencing her amazing power right now. I have lit candles, burned incense, journeyed, and sent Reiki that we may have the gentlest experience possible with these storms, fires, and earthquakes.

On to today's nudge:

TODAY’S NUDGE: Share something you’ve created that feels like it’s a part of your autobiography.

I feel like my energetic practices and focus on self-care are a significant part of my autobiography. About 6 years ago I had an epiphany. I woke up a changed person in terms of mindset and outlook. Possibilities were suddenly endless. I KNEW I had to change my daily focus to achieve my desires.

Flash forward 6 years and I now have a regular practice of meditation, tarot, reiki, crystal healing, and shamanic journeying. This did not all happen over night but grew steadily as I was open to the nudging of the Universe. All of these practices form the foundation of what I offer to others.

The practice is not complete and I don't believe it ever will be as I continue to grow and change. I receive regular massages, facials, and reiki from extremely talented individuals in my life. (Shout out to Jen, Stephanie, and Tree). The area I need to return to is exercise and movement. I need to revisit my yoga practice, and get regular exercise. I am currently working on my mindset around time and how I may better focus on my priorities. Everyone is busy, but where we choose to focus sets the tone for our experiences. As we get closer to Fall and Winter, I am setting the intention to move inward with an open heart, that I may learn the needed lessons and embrace them with grace and ease.


What does your autobiography look like? Are you able to be open to the Universe's magic and miracles?