Day 11 Freebie

Take 2-The interwebs swallowed my first attempt.

TODAY’S NUDGE: Give something away. A printable, a mini class, a tutorial you did on YouTube, or sound advice about something your readership might benefit from.


Thanks Effy! I love the timing of this prompt. As an intuitive empath and INFJ, I am particularly sensitive to the energies of the collective. Today those energies feel very sluggish and fear-filled. Between all of the catastrophes of Mother Nature, and the anniversary of 9/11, I woke up feeling bogged down by fear, worry, and sadness.

Grounding is an important part of my practice when working on re-centering myself and focusing on my own energy rather than the collective. For today's nudge, I'd like to offer a link to a quick and easy guided meditation I offered a while back to participants in one of my groups. I like this because it's under 3 minutes and is a simple way to take a moment to breathe, get back in your body, and give yourself a boost.

I would love to hear about your practices for grounding and disconnecting from the collective when necessary. 

I am holding space today for the victims of 9/11 and everyone affected by the recent fires, storms, and earthquake. Much love to you and your families.