Day 7 - Dump

So if you've been following along, you will notice there is no Day 6 post from me....

What happened???

The collective energies and all that is going on in the world caught up with me yesterday. I had the day job to get through, I had a migraine, I was attempting to use my tools to the best of my ability. I just didn't have it in me to write a post.

The beauty in this experience is that I didn't beat myself up over it like I normally would. I exercised self-care and compassion instead. Talk about incredibly freeing! Normally I would've carried over a "should hangover" into today. Instead, I awoke feeling somewhat physically better and tons better spiritually and mentally.

So here's today's post from the Effy Blog Along:

TODAY’S NUDGE: Dump Your Mental & Emotional Purse all over the table that is your blog. Don’t sort it. Don’t apologize for any of it. Just take an inventory, in list form, and let the old tissues & twenty year old mints fall where they may.


I've already meditated, pulled oracle cards, and done a cord cutting this morning so this won't be so all over the place like it would've been otherwise. I'm super sensitive to energy so I've been limiting my time on Facebook and social media in general. I've been trying not to get sucked into all the messages of fear and gloom and instead focus on #usingmytools to send Reiki, love, and good vibes to Gaia. She's pissed and I don't blame her. This feels like such a pivotal time for us to make changes individually and globally. We can't keep going the way we have been. We ARE NOT separate. There are consequences to our actions.

I've been worried over friendships and relationships and the day job and just about everything. A theme of weariness was prevalent among my circles yesterday. I think we are all feeling these growing pains and trying to do the best we can. I fluctuate day to day on how much self-care and calm I have vs. Chicken Little.

It feels good right now to sleep a little extra, drink more water, listen to music, light candles, burn incense, reach out to friends, go swimming, meditate, read fluff and so that's exactly what I'm doing.

What do you need to do for yourself in order to continue showing up in this world full of uncertainty? I promise to fill my well so I may continue to hold space for others. What do you promise?