Day 8 Joy

I love the timing of today's prompt!

Today’s Nudge: What do you do to foster joy? What’s your version of ‘flinging glitter in the trenches?” Thanks Effy!

The notion of flinging glitter makes me smile. The first thing that comes to mind is CRYSTALS!

I love learning about, working with, sharing knowledge, and doing energy work with crystals. These natural allies are here to help us and I love sharing that with others.

The second thing is connecting with, and truly listening to others. I believe I bring joy by the way I hold space for others. I am open, non-judgmental, and supportive of those around me. I am often entrusted with information that is shared with nobody else. I am a VAULT. 

The greatest part of joy I am currently working with is learning absolute self-care. I want to model for, and teach others that self-care is not selfish. It is a requirement for a healthy lifestyle.

Joy is having a full well with which to help others. Take care of yourself first and then you have plenty to give in a loving, generous manner.