Day 18 Life Hack

A wonderful nudge from an amazing human.

Today’s Nudge: Share a Life Hack.

One of the single greatest changes I've ever made in my life is to meditate daily. When I make the effort to get up earlier, light a candle, smudge, set an intention and meditate, it makes all the difference in how I experience my day. Some days I sit for only 5 minutes, but even that small step reaps huge rewards.

For many years, I was over stressed, over committed, angry, and rushed everywhere I went. My nerves were shot and I spent the day being reactive and not so much fun to be around. Thanks to some amazing friends and coaches, I was introduced to the idea that meditating didn't have to mean sitting on a pillow in complete silence, focusing on my breath. Thanks now, to the Insight Timer app (not an affiliate, just a fan), meditation is something fun that I look forward to every morning. I can choose to listen to guided meditations for any type of focus, music, chanting etc. 

As part of my meditation practice, I also pull cards from any number of my oracle decks. Listening to the music, asking for guidance for my day, and pulling a variety of cards, not necessarily in a specific spread, is extremely helpful to me. Themes often come through and give me an area to consciously focus on for my day. With this practice, I'm much more centered, grounded, and creating my experiencing rather than reacting to it. For someone who is an INFJ, empath, HSP, this is key to a having a day of flow rather than being battered about by all of the energies surrounding me. If you don't have a regular meditation practice, I highly recommend giving it a try. 







Home screen of my Insight Timer app