Day 2 A Day Late

If you've been following along on the interwebs, you'll know Effy has inspired a fine group of folks to blog along for the month of September. I'm putting this out there for all the world to see.......I'm already behind, posting for day 2 on what is technically day 3. It has always been challenging to me to stay consistent with blogging.

This ties in to today's nudge: What do you really want?

I want to continue on this journey to step out of self-imposed fears and limitations. I want to point and laugh at my smallness and shine my light, stepping into bigness. I'm working through tons of programming around not being seen or's just not what we're supposed to do and it especially isn't safe to do so......lots to unpack there, right?

In the coming days I'll be sharing more around what tools I am using on this journey. I would love to hear whether you struggle with this too or not? What tools do you use?