Mercury Retrograde and The Untethered Soul

It's been a while..........more than a while.....I took the winter months to focus inward and gain clarity on the state of my life. Now that we are in Mercury Retrograde once again, it seemed like a perfect time to share some of what I've been processing.


I don't know how this round of merc retro has been treating you but for me, it hasn't been as aggressive as in the past, but the lessons have gone deeper.

I had started reading The Untethered Soul several months ago and recently picked it back up. I got to p.47 and had to read a few lines over several times. The message hit me hard.

"You are actually defining your limits. You are allowing your mind to create triggers that open and close you. Let go of that. Dare to be different. Enjoy all of life."

Wow, just wow.

I have allowed my fears, worries, and bullshit stories stop me from doing more of what I love.  That's a shame and it doesn't have to continue. It's MY CHOICE. In the coming months I will be finally building out the rest of my website, posting more often, and providing new offers that will allow me to be of service to you! I am here to be of service. I have gifts and they are screaming to be shared.


I want to hear from you. Have you been limiting yourself? What are you going to do differently? What did you incubate over winter? With one week left of Mercury Retrograde, there's still time to reflect, release, and prepare to renew your life this Spring! Let's DO THIS!!